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Armored Personnel Carrier Information
Ammo Ammo Price Range Special Commands
4 3G 1
  • None
Move Fuel Cost (G.)
6, Vehicle 70 4200


Armored Personnel Carrier Matchups
Opposing unit Damage given Damage taken
Infantry 85 25
Mech 95 45
Tank A 15 75
Tank B 25 95
Armored Personnel Carrier 45 45
Artillery A 35 65
Artillery B 35 55
Anti-Air Missile Launcher 35 -
Anti-Air Gun 45 -
Supply Truck 55 -
Fighter A 15 25
Fighter B 25 15
Bomber 15 75
Transport Helicopter 25 15
Battleship 5 95
Lander 5 25


  • The APC gets 6 Movement Power so that it may cross Rivers. The same applies in Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo despite having a different Movement Type that lets them cross Mountains at 6 Movement Power, but not Game Boy Wars 3, where certain armored vehicles, the APC not among them, get to cross Rivers at fairly less than 6 Movement Power.

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