Green Earth is one of the five main forces of Wars World. It is featured in Super Famicom Wars, Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. They are also a member of the Allied Nations.

Green Earth's forces are extremely organized. Eagle, the leader of Green Earth, specializes in aerial combat, while Jess dominates the ground, and Drake the seas.

In Advance Wars 2, Black Hole forces, led by Black Hole's second in command, Hawke, launched a campaign on the Green Earth homeland, conquering a great deal of the continent before the tides turn at the hand of Eagle, Jess, and Drake.

In Advanced Wars: Dual Strike, Javier joins the Green Earth army and contributes his abilities to the fight in Omega Land.

Green Earth is based primarily on Germany, although there is influence from the United Kingdom and France as well. Green Earth's original CO's, Eagle and Drake, are modeled after Germany's Red Baron and Britain's Sir Francis Drake.The Green Earth CO Jess seems to be modeled after German tank master Erwin Rommel. Green Earth's infantry units wear German Stahlhelms and appear to weild German MP40s; its mech weild German Panzerfausts. Its medium tank is modeled after the German Sturmtiger and the French Char B1. The Green Earth HQ resembles a generic Western European castle, however its in-battle image is reminiscent of the French Palace of Versailles. It is also important to note that its supposed coat of arms shown in the background of the Advanced Wars 1 menu is very reminiscent of a WWII German Eagle.


Green Earth's commanding officers are:

  • Eagle The leader of Green Earth. He is an air specialist and is weak in the sea. He constantly argues with Jess.
  • Drake The old sea-dog of Green Earth, he was originally a pirate. Because of this he is a navel specialist
  • Jess The ground lover of Green Earth. She is the ground specialist of Green Earth.
  • Javier The knight in shining armor. He is a very defensive CO and indirect do less damage against him.


  • In Super Famicom Wars Green Earth is modeled after the real world nation of Germany.
  • However in the Advance Wars series Green Earth would be more comparable to 20th century Britain. Particulary in Advance Wars 1 where the COs specialise to air and navy combat.
  • Green Earth's fighters are modeled after American A-10 Warthogs, and it's Battle Choppers are modled after Soviet MI-24 Hinds
  • Its COs are the most well-rounded in the series (Drake is strong at Sea, Eagle is strong in Sky, Jess is strong on Land, and Javier has very notable defence).