Intelligence Defense Systems (Or IDS for short) is a Force in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. They are a private military contractor and terrorist organization led by one Dr. Caulder and made massive amounts of money by selling weapons of mass destruction. The Rubinelle/Lazurian war was especially profitable to them.

Their most notable accomplishments are The Great Owl, The Nest, The Talon Gun and creating a parasitic flower species that causes flowers to grow from the victim's body and kills the young first, then the adults.


Intelligence Defense Systems's COs are:

Former COs:


  • Caulders clones: Tabitha, Penny, Cyrus and Isabella all have some sort of vial hanging around their necks (Or teddy bear, in Penny's case). It is unknown what they are, considering that they are never mentioned in the game.
  • The IDS symbol is an owl. In fact, their notable accomplishments (see above) all are related to owls.
  • IDS is actually a veiled reference to the company that makes the Advance Wars Series, Intelligent Systems.
  • It is possible to say that they are the Days of Ruin version of the Black Hole.

COs: Caulder | Penny | Tabitha
Former COs: Isabella

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