Luck is a characteristic present to all COs which allows them to deal more damage then normal. The standard luck is 10 which means a unit with 10 HP can deal up to 9% (0.9 HP) more damage when they attack a unit without terrain/defence bonuses/penalties.

COs with non-standard luck

Nell: +20

+10, -10 (AW2)
+10, -5 (AWDS)

+15, -10 (AW2)
+25, -10 (AWDS)

Jugger: +30, -15

COs with bad luck (negative number) first roll a number for their luck and then for their bad luck and substract the bad luck from the luck for the final result.

Other factors that alter luck

Luck Skill: +10
One-Star Tag Team: +5
Two-Star Tag Team: +10
Three-Star Tag Team: +15

CO Power

Nell: +60

Rachel: +40


Jugger: +55,-25

Super CO Power

Nell: +60


Jugger: +95,-45


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