Megatanks (known as Gigatanks or War Tanks in some versions) are a land unit introduced in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, replacing the Neotank as the most powerful land unit. Although strong, they are very slow and use up a lot of fuel very quickly. Their weapon, the megacannon, is very potent and can seriously damage most land units. They were designed by Green Earth in Dual Strike, and soon become available to the Allied Nations after it debuted in a test battle against Orange Star by Jess and Javier.

Game Information

Unit BH Megatank

Black Hole's Megatank

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Megatank Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
Mega Cannon 3 1 Machine Gun
  • None
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
4 50 28,000 1


Megatanks possess a very strong attack, OHK'ing most ground opponents. However, they burn fuel and ammunition quickly, so always make sure there's an APC nearby. Megatanks shine when deployed to defend a base or a property, since stationary defense while being constantly supplied negates two of the megatank's major shortcomings. Despite their resilience, deployment must still be considered carefully because the Megatank's high cost.

Competitive Play

Megatanks are almost never used in competitive matches. The low mobility and low ammo are downsides, but the main reason is because it's just too expensive. By saving up for it, you are deploying less units and ceding field advantage which would outweigh the benefits the Megatank would bring.


  • It's possible that the Megatanks are based on the Soviet T-28 "medium" three-turreted tank, although T-35 would be more similar, three out its five turrets armed with cannons.

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