A Naval Unit is any Unit which can travel on the Sea. Most Naval Units are produced at Ports. Although they can cross Seas, they are often limited in their movement, as more often that not, maps are predominantly Land. When a naval unit runs out of fuel, it sinks. Naval units can be refueled at a Port, by an APC (if they are adjacent to a coast) or by a Black Boat.


Type Cost Movement Range Ammo Fuel Vision
Black Boat 7500 7, Ship none none 60 1
Lander 12000 6, Ship none none 99 1


18000 (16000 DoR) 6, Ship Direct 9 99 3 (5 Dor)
Submarine 20000 (6 DoR) 5, Ship Direct 6 60 (70 Dor) (-1/5) 5
Battleship 28000 5, Ship 2-6 9 (6 DoR) 99 2 (3 DoR)

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