Unit BH Piperunner

The Black Hole Piperunner

Piperunners are a kind of Land Unit. They are Indirect Combat units developed by the Black Hole army. They can only move along pipelines, pipe seams, and bases. They are able to move nine tiles per turn and have similar damage of a B-ship. They are able to shoot at anything within 2-5 spaces except cloaked units. They have a uniform design due to their blueprints being unique. They make their only appearance in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, and are unlocked by capturing the Lab Map in the level "Snow Hunters" and subsequently attacking the lab in the level "Spiral Garden" Candy/Kindle was the CO who came up with the idea of the Piperunner and asked Lash to create the Piperunner.


A Piperunner has 99 fuel and has 9 ammo. They can shoot 2~5 spaces. During the fog of war, they can see 4 spaces away. Piperunner's defence are as strong as Tank.


  • If a Piperunner is on a pipe seam, the seam cannot be targeted until the Piperunner is destroyed.
  • If a Piperunner is on a Pipeline during the fog of war, the Piperunner is automatically revealed no matter what.
  • It's shares same firepower on land or naval units with Rocket and on air units with A-Air.

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