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Ports, sometimes called Harbors are a kind of Building and Terrain. They produce Naval Units, as well as restoring their HP and resupplying them. They also offer defensive cover (3 stars) for land and naval units.

Orange Star Port

On maps where Ports are present they are usually indispensible to defeating the opponent. They build the only unit that is able to transport non-footsoldier units, the Lander and provide the ships to safeguard them as well as deny enemy ship movement. When fielding a large naval force capturing foward ports significantly increases their lifespan and efficiency by resupplying, repairing damage, replacing destroyed ships and constructing additional ones.


The Units which a Port may produce are:

Super Famicom Wars

Unit Cost (G.)
Battleship 35000
Cruiser 22000
Submarine 24000
Lander 16500

Game Boy Wars 3

Unit Gold Materials
Aegis Warship 22000 180
Large Aircraft Carrier 35000 220
Small Aircraft Carrier 28000 150
Lander 8000 130
Tanker 11000 140
Submarine 20000 160

Advance Wars 1/2/Dual Strike

Unit Cost (G.)
Battleship 28000
Cruiser 18000
Submarine 20000
Lander 12000
Carrier 30000 (DS only)
Black Boat 7500 (DS only)

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Unit Cost (G.)
Battleship 25000
Cruiser 16000
Submarine 20000
Carrier 28000
Lander 10000
Gunboat 6000

Terrain intel

Game Boy Wars 3

  • Property: Yes
    • Funds: 10G per 10 Strength
    • Default Strength: 100
    • Max Strength: 300
  • Defense: 20
Port Movement Costs
Movement Type Cost
Foot 1
Commando 1
Low Gear Tires 1
High Gear Tires 1
Buggy 1
Humvee 1
Treads 1
River Treads 1
Helicopter 1
Ship 1
Lander 1

Advance Wars 1/2

  • Funds: Yes
  • Repair: Sea units
  • Defense: 3 Stars
  • Hide in FoW: No
Port Movement Costs
Movement Type Cost (Clear) Cost (Rain) Cost (Snow)
Infantry 1 1 1
Mech 1 1 1
Treads 1 1 1
Tire 1 1 1
Ship 1 1 2
Lander 1 1 2

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