Blue Moon

CO Used


Enemy CO


Prelude to Mission

Olaf and Grit decide they need to return to HQ and rethink thier entire strategy. They leaveColin behind to protect the land, assuming that the reports there is little to no chance of an enemy attack are true. As sson as Olaf and Grit leave enemy troops are spotted. Lash Appears on the scene and has already got a a lot of bases and cities captured already with Colin only having 2 bases and little room. Lash claims Colin Woon't hold up to her attack.


Survive and protect your HQ for 14 days. There is no need to make an advance on Lash otherwise defeat is garunteed.


Olaf and Grit return and Lash retreats knowing that a continued attack will only cause more casualties. Colin is complimented by Grit being told he is a top of the line CO

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