Waylon transparent
Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Air Unit defense
Affiliation NRA, Rubinelle (Formerly)
CO power Wingman
CO Zone 2
Hits Living the Good Life
Misses Responsibility

Waylon (Finn in the European version) is a CO of the New Rubinelle Army. He first appears in level six of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. He acts as an ally until the freeing of the Lazurian prisoners. After which he is quite an opponent. He specialized in Air Units. After the defeat of the NRA, he is never seen again, though in the mission Waylon Flies Again (the last mission where the player battles Waylon), he mentions that he would retire immediately after the battle and it's assumed that he did.

Waylon is generally known as a coward, only doing what he wants. He does not care for the lives of his men, which greatly annoys Captain Brenner. He also dislikes the Lazurian Army, hunting them and the 12th Battalion down with Admiral Greyfield.


Waylon is self-absorbed and boastful, doing whatever he wants when he wants to. All he cares about is his own pleasure, and doesn't care about his injured troops, instead leaving them behind to die.This annoys Captain Brenner greatly. Waylon is constantly annoyed with Will for his "charity work", and boasts to him about him killing Brenner (Even though it was Greyfield who killed him).

CO Abilities

Waylon grants +20 attack and +30 defense to zone air units in addition to the default +10/+10 boost.

Zone: 2

CO Power Wingman: Air unit defense increases by 270%.


Attach Waylon to a Battle Copter and go on the offensive. Don't be afraid to put him on the front lines. He can take
Waylon's Theme

Waylon's Theme

Flight of the Coward

a hit or two while you charge your meter. Once his meter is full you can pull back and focus on building additional Battle Copters and Bombers. Because Waylon's COP makes his air units almost untouchable he can even demolish a cluster of Anti-Air and Missile units. Afterwards, you can just deploy tanks to clean up. In the early game Waylon has trouble dealing with superior ground units such as those of Lin.